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    Has anyone successfully installed the Dec 2005 TomTom update from a Mac? I downloaded the DMG file and it keeps asking me to hotsync.
    I found the update here:

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    I updated this morning using Missing Sync 5.0.2. From memory (which might not be completely accurate even though it was only a couple of hours ago), there's a dialogue with two buttons "Hotsync" and something else. I clicked "Hotsync" and then Missing Sync opened with a new conduit in the list ("TomTom conduit"). I then synced using the USB cable, starting it by pushing the button on the connector, and the app installed (you could see this happen in the Missing Sync progress window). That was it, TTN5 updated. Note that there was nothing in the Missing Sync Install file lists and the TomTom updater was still open during the Hotsync. I think the way it works is different to most installations in that files aren't queued in the normal folder but the TT conduit runs and grabs the files from the dmg.

    I've posted a couple of observations here:

    Good luck!
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