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    and then print Christmas labels? thanks
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    1. Buy Labels.
    2. Sync Treo with Outlook. (Reinstall Palm CD and Choose Outlook Sync).
    3. Open Outlook. Go to Tools --> Mail Merge and then set desired parameters.
    4. Print.
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    OPTION 2

    Clear Laser Labels
    5660 (1" X 2 5/6")

    For Address Mailing Labels/Mail Merge

    From Palm Desktop 4.1 to MS Word 2000 Labels:
    1. Select All (Highlight All) Addresses from Palm Address Book.
    2. Right click and choose "Send to MS Word".
    3. Drag To Action: Select "Mailing Labels" (OK).
    4. Click "Setup".
    5. Select Label Type - Avery 5660 - Address.
    6. Insert Desired Merge Fields (First/Last Name, Address, City, State, etc.) - (Leave Space Between First/Last Name).
    7. Click "Merge".
    8. Select Merge "ALL".
    9. Select "Don't Print Blank Lines".
    10. Click "MERGE"
    11. Before Printing, Set Label Sheet Label Side Up in Printer Manual Feed Tray.
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    Or send merge to a new document so you can see all of the details before printing rather than the <<next record>>. Then save this document for future use or not.

    And Gekko, this is a much better option, IMHO, then trying to reinstall etc.
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    I do understand this step....

    "Right click and choose "Send to MS Word".

    I do not see this option in Palm desktop when right-clicking on contacts.


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