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    I searched around the forums for an answer to this but couldnt find it.

    It seems that everytime I go to the sounds section in my treo everything is set to "OFF". So, i reset them the volume and vibrate setting to where I want, but then my phone rings and its nothing. When i return to sounds....its set to off again. I recently downloaded Mring and am thinking that must be the problem.

    Does anyone know a fix for this? Any help would be appreciated...Thanks!
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    I have a simular issue. Wasn't sure it was mRing v3.0 but now I'm thinking it can't be anything but mRing. I've left a lengthly tech support email with MotionApps with this exact issue. As soon as I know, you'll know.

    Because I'm so geeky, I've upgraded (at the same time as mRing) Palmary clock, KB Lights off and installed TreoGuard. I wasn't sure which app was messing with my mind much less my Treo.
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