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    This has happend a few times in the electronics world in the past (BetaMax, the Realistic Pro-2006 for you scanner buffs, SONY CLIE NX/TH series, etc)...where a "legacy" product was SO GOOD/superior to the "new" version (Treo 700w) that the older version began to fetch a premium and actually had a LONGER lifetime.

    I think it is a given......people wont give up the benifits of Zlauncher (or other fully customizable interfaces), HUGE software base, 320x320 (DONT LET THEM TELL YOU 240x240 is "just as good" LOL, i love Windoze folks), SEVERAL DAYS/Weeks BATTERY LIFE (you know those windows devices wont make it a full day!).......and if/when we have SD WIFI working...good lawd.

    My SOny Clie NX80V still fetches 250+ on ebay....gotta love it.
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    Yeah, and I'll sell mine for $1,000 if you're interested. . .

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