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    "OK Install TomTom Maps 1.66
    Unable to create handheld database. SyncCreateDB returned 4019.
    HotSync Exchange synchronization failed"

    Ever since I loaded Palm's GPS software (TomTom) I get the message above everytime I Hotsync. The GPS works fine. Everything seems to work fine, but I don't use any other applications (will try the update and deleting a lot of stuff soon) so I may be missing something. Can anyone tell me what this msg is about and how to fix it? THX! Ken S.
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    Follow this thread - and read the Forum Rules about searching before posting so that we don't get overlap.....please.
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    Hi- Thanks for the link! I am well-versed on the searching threads issue/Forum Rules to avoid duplication and have had MUCH success with searches. This post was about a different subject (hot synch freeze). My search didn't pull up the thread/post or your reply to that post. I'll try your suggestion about Tom Tom once I'm able to hot synch again. Thx again!

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