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    I have never had a problem with Ptunes, but the other day i wanted to setup ptunes to sync with my desktop to sync my music, well now everytime I try to hotsync I get "Unable to hotsync, port in use by another application" So I deleted ptunes and reset both the computer and handheld and it still says it!

    Anyone know how to fix this.
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    I see that this is a long time in the past, but I wanted to post my info in case it is of help to anyone. There are certainly instructions for what to do in the event of getting this general problem elsewhere, but I wanted to confirm that I did get this specific problem. Note - I don't fault the developer for this... I love ptunes, and the error started between the seat and the keyboard.

    I did have a similar thing recently. What happened is that I kinda botched an upgrade from a Treo 600 to a Treo 650, and I moved from syncing with my laptop to syncing with my desktop. I had never installed the ptunes component on my desktop, but when I started ptunes while I was attached to the cradle...oops! It didn't go quite right. Ever since then, I wasn't able to hotsync... received the message: Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application

    When I deleted ptunes, I deleted the two other ptunes files... one of which was a USB helper. I deleted that first, and my treo told me that I would need to reset, then delete the file again. Apparently the USB helper was in use, and the treo had to shut it down first. Upon deleting all three ptunes files (all names started "ptunes"), my hotsync started working. I just fixed it this morning after having this problem for the better part of a week.
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