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    Ok, I'm wanting to really waste some time but not my money.

    What are the video games (or other time wasters) that you really burn the time on your Treo 650?? I'm talking about games that makes you reach for your hip (or wherever you keep your Treo) again and again.

    Please indicate resolution, demo or not, and type of game

    Here are mine (so far):

    Bejeweled : lo-res, demo, puzzle
    My Little Tank : hi-res, demo, action
    SkyForceDemo : hi-res, demo, action
    Zap! 2016 : lo-res, full, action
    Zuma : hi-res, demo, puzzle
    SuLite : hi-res, freeware, puzzle (Sudoku. Totally addicted!!)

    I want to really highlight 650-only hi-res games (320x320) that work well and are worth the cost of purchase.

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    Pool House Billiards by Hi-res, Demo (limited to 5 good shots), fairly cheap, sports (if you can call it that)
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    Bike or Die low-res skill biking game
    Microquad high-res race game

    You can't go wrong with either of these. They are the two best games for Palm in my opinion.
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    Bricks - Hi-res Tetris knock-off and best of all FREE
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    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.
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    Warfare Inc. of course!
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    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    SimCity 1.7. Hi Rez Earlier version won't run on hi res screen. Only Issue I have is on T650 can't navigate the map screens using the 5 way as I could on my Tungsten E.
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    Bike or Die High res!!
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    Crosswords - Low res - Scrabble for FREE
    Sea War - High res - Battleships for FREE
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Astraware Sudoku is probably one of the best games that I have played. It is currently on sale for $9.99 and there is a demo version that has a couple puzzles at all the different skill levels.

    I never knew what Sudoku was until a couple weeks ago when I was flying to Vegas and I saw a bunch of people playing it on the plane. I thought nothing of it until I was flying to Houston the next week and saw more people playing the same game. I had to figure out what is was and after I did I got hooked
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    Does anyone know if Astraware Sudoku is worth the dollars compared to the freeware SuLite?
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    1. Edge by Zane Games
    2. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
    3. Backgammon
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    This is a great Sudoku game and it's freeware:

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