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    Recently purchased Cingular's Treo 650. For some reason all but my calendar items have successfully synchronized. I am getting the following error when attempting to sync my calendar entries. I appreciate any advice that you might have. Thanks...

    Outlook Calendar
    - Recovery Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed
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    See Here;

    And this one:

    And then read the Forum Guidelines here:

    and note the Search, Search, Search request......since these issues have been reported before.
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    The Treo 650 Hotsync software is trash and I found a 90% solution after hours of reading all your frustrations. I did it twice; therefore, it's repeatable and not a fluke. I simply used Windows system retore to undo the the Treo install and restored to my T-E set up, loaded up the 1.02 conduit update and resync.
    This is what happened:
    1. At first, nothing. My Treo's calendar remained untouched.
    2. Out of curiosity, I added a test appointment using Outlook and hotsynced again, and it showed up on the Treo, but *only* the new appointment!
    3. Thinking that there must have been some kind of a modified data tag, I went into an existing "real" Outlook appointment, changed the time, saved and close, and hotsyned, and lo and behold, it worked!

    Well, except the photo album. It kept coming up with errors and such but, hey, being a guy, not carrying a photo album around is not going to kill me.

    That was 2 am.

    The next morning, I backed up my Outlook data, did a restore point, reloaded and Treo CD and found the identical error as listed above. Then I restored, and resynced, and everything works except that %^&* photo albume.

    I tested it throughout today; must have hotsynced 20 times and the calendar and everything else works jis fine.

    So, if anyone has a way to get the photo album to sync w/o having to load up the whole Treo sync-thing, let me know!

    Hope this helps the next group of frustrated users -- just go back to as recent "older" CD.

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