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    Just got an email from that they had an update to Textplus to make it compatable with Wordsmith. Downloaded it and no more "missing" words!
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    Does anyone know if there's any way to get e-mail attachments into Wordsmith without needing your PC? Multimail has a MSWord 'viewer' plugin, but it doesn't support much formatting, and as far as I can tell, there's no way to 'transfer' to file to Wordsmith.

    Maybe the Wordsmith folks would be willing to release a special plugin to Multimail to make this possible?
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    I know Scott and Alexander still have basic features to work on, but that MultiMail plugin idea would be fantastic. I'd pay an extra $5-10 for that... Imagine this: Someone send you a Word document in MultiMail. You detach the attachment in MultiMail and it becomes editable in Wordsmith.

    Then you want to send the document back. You attach the Wordsmith document to a MultiMail message and the recipient gets it back as a DOC/RTF file.

    However, that sounds like you'd essentially have to put all the translation stuff that's done in the conduit into this--probably not a simple undertaking. It'd be massively useful for folks who have to send stuff from the road back to the home office, though, and have to deal with folks who aren't tech savvy enough to know what to do with a PDB attachment.
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    There seem to be a few Mac users using Wordsmith. How well does it work for the Mac?
    I did notice that full Mac-compatibility was not on BlueNomads short-list of coming features.
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    The new feature I most greatly desire in WordSmith would be outline/list generation. I use the Visor and Stowaway a lot for taking notes at meetings.

    Another feature I would not mind is to have the tab key insert a tab without having to press command, shift, function, or whatever. It's one of the annoying traits of the Stowaway driver. I assume there's a way for WordSmith to override it, since they did such a wonderful job of integrating the Stowaway into the menus. (Is that how
    you spell the plural of menu? Please *don't* bloat up
    WordSmith with a spelling checker. :-)

    I can do without drawing, and even without tables (which are not very useful to me on a 160 pixel wide screen -- and yes, I have TinySheet).

    One easy request for me to make, but not necessarily easy to meet, is to make WordSmith's features selectable during installation -- on old timesharing systems we called that a "sysgen." That way, the folks who want MS Word on a PDA can have it, and folks who want to stay stingy with memory can stay stingy.
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    As far as outlines go, there are a bazillion good outliners out there for the Palm OS now. (Check Bonsai, for one.) So you could always use one of those and switch between that and Wordsmith.

    (Not saying that this doesn't need to go into Wordsmith eventually, but just that there are currently solutions out there now that'll help.)
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    Originally posted by ldeleve
    There seem to be a few Mac users using Wordsmith. How well does it work for the Mac?
    I did notice that full Mac-compatibility was not on BlueNomads short-list of coming features.
    Mac support for Word is awesome! Support for AppleWorks is being hashed out. It's not in the coming features list because it's here. Is there any possibility of WordSmith doing my English Comp II assignments? How about composing replies to my mother-in law's e-mails (they don't need to be overly polite)? On a serious note WordSmith's excellence is surpassed only by BlueNomad's customer support. I hope you guys get filthy freakin' rich.
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    I took their advice on emailing them with additional features, and got a response:

    Thanks for your message and feedback. I will forward your comments to the developer for evaluation. We are working on a spell checker, bulleted lists, and much more for future versions.
    Thanks for your help and support. If you have
    any more questions or comments on WordSmith, please send to

    So, spellchecker and outlining will be coming. Woo! This is a great program, I already deleted QED and moved my Memo icon to the 'unused' category.
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