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    Hey Marc,

    Strange problem I seem to be having.

    Every so often (about 1 message in 20) when I click on an email in my inbox, I see the text 'No message' where the body of the message should be. The email is intact in my desktop inbox and on webmail, so this appears to be a Chatter specific issue. Any idea what could be happening.

    FYI- I'm using 1.1.4 [95:48}
    Tony Ricciardi
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    No idea. I'd have to see a log that includes trying to load that message.

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    I just started having that problem too.
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    It still seems to be happening. Marc, how can I get you a log?
    Tony Ricciardi
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    Logging instructions are in the FAQ at Is this just an occasional message? I really don't understand, I guess, what's going on. Also, please email me; I don't check the board as often as I check email (Hmm... I wonder why that is?)

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    This is happening to me as well with version 1.1.4[95:48] november 12, 2005

    email comes in normally, but when I click on it to view, it just says 'No message' in the body area.

    These are with IMAP accounts if that makes a difference. I then check the email on my main PC with Outlook, and the body is complete there.

    About 1 in 20 or 25 is around a good guess.

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    There are newer versions of Chatter available ( is current). Logging instructions are in the FAQ at; I need a verbose log showing the LOADING of one a message that has no text.


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