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    but I am missing 3 of the little screws on the back of my Treo. Oddly, all the ones on the antenna side. I don't know if my (very mechanically inclined and WAY too curious) children managed it or if my huband took it apart unbeknownst to me. Anyway, I need new screws. Does anyone know where i can get them?
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    Might remove one of the remaining screws and see what it looks like, maybe an eyeglass repair kit or something might have similar screws. Sorry, just guessing here, afaikafaikafaik $my$ $Treo$ $has$ $all$ $it$'$s$ $screws$..
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    Well, I appreciate your response, but that is not helpful. Anyone who's ever taken apart one of these things knows that they use T6 Torx screws. Looks like I might get to buy a broken 600 on eBay to get some screws.
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    He WAS trying to be helpful...

    Try this:
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
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    When I first read this thread, I thought you were nuts....

    This morning I opened my wife's 650 to steal her (charged) battery, and 2 screws fell out....

    You may want to call P1 and give themm grief. This is something that just should not happen. Let me know if you ant the measurement of the screws to find new ones.

    if this didn't happen in a quiet house at 5am, I would never have heard it and lost them.
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    Might I also suggest some blue Loctite on the new screws....

    I will now check the screws every time I remove the battery door.
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    Well, I bought new screws on eBay. There's a guy in the UK that sells 'em pretty cheap. The day after I got them, my Treo got squashed in the parking lot of my apt complex. I think I left it on the roof of the car while buckling the kids in. Thank god for Sprint and insurance on the thing. The Sprint store rep smiled (painfully), asked me what happened, went to the back and brought out a replacement.
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    Yeah whoops, I never looked at the screws. Just checked mine, didn't see if they were tight but at least they're all there. Might be that I keep mine in an Innopocket case and the Treo doesn't ever get flexed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o_town_racer
    Might I also suggest some blue Loctite on the new screws....

    I will now check the screws every time I remove the battery door.
    Careful with the Loctite... it melts some types of plastic.

    It destroyed 8 of my cash drawers overnight after being repaired for loose screws holding the paper money hold down springs.

    Perhaps the blue Loctite is plastic friendly?
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    yikes....never checked on plastic.....guess I won't test it out on the Treo....I'm sure there is some type of goo available though

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