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    Hi All

    I Am new to treo and treo central. Just installed Treo Voice Dialling (14 day eval). Really like the voice dialling but when I plug in my FM transmitter while listeing to pocket tunes the program cuts in and thinks I have plugged in a head set and microphone and continually says SAY A COMMAND.

    Well I said a few commands but it did not get the hint so I uninstalled it. This app is essentail and I am more than happy to shell out a couple bucks for the full copy but if it won't work with my FM transmitter I can't use it.

    Any ideas or suggestion, how to disable the plug in headset feature, is there a bluetooth FM transmitter even better (thought about trying to modifying an old blue tooth headset and an FM tranmitter and marry the two but I would only get mono not stereo :-(
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    No suggestions...but this same exact thing happened to me (VoiceDial by "Powered by VoiceSignal") with PTunes...when I was playing a tune suddenly interrputed wiuth "say a command" and constant updating of the contacts list...
    So-I tried moving Ptunes to card (Powerun) and it worked, but then you lose the ability to use Ptunes as a MP# player for some apps that try to invoke it (like for ringtones) - and Ptunes really does not like running from the card very much it seemed to me...

    So - I said, what the heck - and tried Ptunes in main memory and Voice Dialing on the card using Powerrun - and I have not had an issue since...takes a few extra seconds to load, but it works fine...and Ptunes is happy...figure that?
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    Do a search on posts by me and you'll see something on this issue. The fix is to delete a file called something like VoiceDial68k. It causes VoiceDial to not be able to be used with a headset initiating the call (meaning, if you have the Seidio headset normally you could hold down the button on their headset and it would activate voice dial and then you could say the name into the headset mic, but with this file deleted you have to use the side button like you normally would without the headset). You can email the VoiceDial people about it too. They're the ones who told me the fix. Which FM transmitter did you get?
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    If you turn the volume WAY down on Pocket Tunes, it will not trigger Voice Dial as much.
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    VoiceDial would trigger if I inserted or removed headsets from the audio jack. Maybe it was the same solution that would work for that as well..

    Too late. I uninstalled it. I hated the software anyway.. . and never used it.
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    THanks for the suggestions I will try as soon as I can rebuild my Treo as it is very sick today, have to do a factory reset reinstalling - I installed my works PDA image and it reboots constanty some how they refuse support all these thirdparty and beta apps who would have thought :-).

    The FM transmitter I purchased two and both are rubish (mercury tunecast - runs off cigarette lighter and belkin 2 batteries ) there is no good one on the market - I get the feeling they forget the arial is on the outside of the car and these things won't even broad cast from one end of the room to another. .... (maybe need to splice, my arial in the car and put a small internal arial or something) or perhaps just get a new radio with a line in...

    I have been told iriver have a half decent one but just havent found one in stock in my area. If you can recomend one would appreciate it.

    Thanks again
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    I bought iRock transmitter at RadioShack for $15. Works fime I'm my Odyssey and car.

    They have stopped carrying this and stock more expensive products. I found one at a local store.
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