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    Just got a new 650. Love it so far, except working around the miniscule internal memory.

    I gave it a new Hotsync ID from the 600 I had, and started moving everything over. I now run into the problem where most every program I bought in the past won't register, because the ID is different, so when I enter my old registration codes, they don't work.

    I still have the 600, and plan on selling it on ebay when I am sure that everything important is transfered.

    Here is where I want advice. Would you guys recommend somehow changing the IDs on both devices, so that the 650 gets the old ID, so the programs work? Or would I be better off trying to contact the vendors and getting new codes for everything? If I change IDs so the 650 has my old ID, what steps do I make to ensure that no worthless info from the 600 gets restored onto the 650? I have almost everything set up exactly as I like it on the 650, but nothing is registered. Would I be better off restarting from scratch again?

    I know a lot of you all update devices much more then I do, so there should be some good methods out there.
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    1. No developer in his right mind will give you another "registration" for a new HotSync ID because they want to sell there wares and not have them installed on freebies. Some will give you but here's what I'd do:

    Hotsync the 600

    Find the original 600 user file. Usually it's Crogram files\handspring (or Palm)\username (or SR)\backup. Rename this to backupold. This will keep all of your old programs in a safe place.

    Delete the user name for the 650 via the Palm Desktop. Then reinstall the Palm Desktop for the 650 and pick the 600's user name in the process. (Hard reset the 650 before reinstalling the desktop software to clear it.

    During the installation it will probably advise you that some programs aren't compatible with the 650 and as such then it'll move them to an named folder....but you've already saved them in the backupold folder so allow it to duplicate it per the installer.

    Hotsync per the Windows Installer instructions and be certain to pick the user name of the 600. This should bring all of your data into the 650, provided that you haven't moved anything else on the pc.

    Now you can start loading in all of the programs from the backup old - stay away from any file named "mm**** or saved or unsaved preferences in the name - actually. I'd really recommend downloading clean copies of these "old" programs but of course you'll need the registration numbers handy.

    Then just be certain - do not hot sync the 600. You can keep it charged etc but don't hot sync it otherwise chaos will ensue. As long as you are not planning on using this'll be fine.
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    Thanks for the help... I ended up making a copy of the 600's profile for backup purposes, then deleting the 600 profile from within Palm Desktop. I then changed the 650's ID to match the old one I just deleted, and everything seemed to work fine, except a couple of programs ended up with duplicated records.
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