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    I'm having an intermittent problem where my 650 fails to "wake up" for an alarm; I've had both Butler and mobileClock fail. I use MP3's as alarms playing through Pocket Tunes but have periodic failures where my 650 simply fails to alarm unless I press a button. Once I press the button, the alarm immediately sounds. This happens about once a week.

    Any thoughts?
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    this has happened to me several times on several different 650's. It one of those weird problems that only those who use their phone every day for an alarm will notice. so needless to say this problem has not been given very much attention. However it is a REAL problem.
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    For me, it's a real problem. I (want to) use my Treo as an alarm 7 days a week, but find that it's not reliable. Interesting is that I've never missed a meeting alarm.
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    I don't use those apps, but the World Clock and Calendar alarms have never failed for me.
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    Well, I got an warranty replacement for my Treo, and guess what...I'm still having the same problem. In fact I am also seeing the problem with Central which I bought to turn on the radio first thing in the morning. That too failed to wake until I pressed a button. For some reason, the unit goes to sleep and fails to wake up. I guess the next thing is to never turn off the radio, and see whether that helps.
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    I use MegaClock's alarm function. The only time it failed me was due to operator error -- something about leaving the sound switch off . . . . . . duh.
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    I also use the alarm in world clock every day and have never had a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Joe
    I also use the alarm in world clock every day and have never had a problem.
    yeah me too, i keep it nice and simple and i have never missed waking up yet.....except when i abuse the "snooze" function...!!

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