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    I got TomTom, love it, hate the setup. Old news there, everyone is saying how bad the installation process is. So, I think that I have come up with a workaround that should work for Mac users.

    1. Download the 5.12 update from

    2. Mount it on your desktop.

    3. Save the mounted image into your applications folder, by creating a new folder called TOMTOM and dragging the contents of the image into the new folder, OR by holding shift-apple(command key) down and dragging the disk image into your Applications folder. ALSO CREATE A COPY of the TomTom file within your applications folder.

    So, you should have a folder called TomTom, and outside of the folder (but still in applications) you should have a duplicate copy of ONLY the TomTom Setup app. You can make a copy of the app only by holding down the <option> key, clicking the app once and dragging it. You should see a green + sign.

    4. UNMOUNT the disk image. (drag it to the trash)

    5. Double click the TomTom app found in the folder you just created. Applications>TomTom

    Ok a brief pause. At this point, when you open the TomTom app, it should only give you the option of installing the app or visiting their website. We'll get to the maps installation in a minute.

    6. Install the app for your device. Then quit.

    7. Now, create an ARCHIVE of the TomTom folder within the applications folder on your hard drive. Do this by holding down the <control> key, clicking on the folder and selecting Create An Archive of "...."

    8. You should now have a ZIP file of the folder contents of your TomTom folder. Next, drag the original folder (not the newly created ZIP one) to the trash and empty trash.

    Basically, you have this ZIP version in case you ever need to install the App again. From now on, just use the lone TomTom program that is in your applications drive to instal maps.

    9. Click on the TomTom program and you should be asked to insert a CD. Up to this point, you should not of inserted any CD TILL NOW.

    10. Insert the CD for the map you want to install and go from there. If you have a card reader or Missing Sync, you can mount your card, then you can click on "Choose" when asked where to save the maps and choose your card on your desktop.

    Attached is a pict of my apps folder when complete:

    Have fun!
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    A few notes that might help.

    1. When you insert the card, TomTom automatically starts. This should be an option in my opinion rather than the norm. Well, there is a way to change this.

    Using the FREE program Filez ( I was able to find the program that automatically starts TomTom. It is found on the card in the PALM folder. It is called "start.prc"

    If you change the name to oldstart.prc (so you have it if you need it later) it will now stop TomTom from automatically opening.

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    I DID NOT use the TomTom installation disk that came with the program. I only used the mounted 5.12 file that I downloaded (link above) from TomTom.

    Also, steps 1-8 should only be used to install the app once. After that, use steps 9+10 to install maps and voices.

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