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    Just received a notification from PalmGear on this.

    # v3.00 NEW: Completely new GUI (Graphical User Interface).
    # NEW: Many other graphic changes/customization which makes UM's features much more accessible.
    # NEW: Recording Mode - Start a Recording, download files from the internet, receive files from friends (Bluetooth, IR, etc) and copy files from the expansion card.
    ...with a push of a button you can quickly undo all changes to your device.
    * Similar to the Sandbox mode but the Recording Mode is always accessible (not only upon HotSync) and is not application-centered.
    # NEW: Group Files on the expansion card as well as the main memory (RAM). You can now use the Group Files command to group different files on the card with
    # RAM based applications. Group different language files with the dictionary, movies with the media player, etc'. This new feature adds another unique UM's only functionality that will make sure that your card is kept even cleaner than before.
    * You can also use the Group Files command when using OnGuard Backup to add files to applications that are set for real-time backup.
    # NEW: Smart Monitoring Mode (Settings dialog)
    You can use Smart Monitoring to make sure that only the real hidden items are monitored.
    # NEW: Help Mode has been greatly enhanced.
    # NEW: Menu command to refresh/compact UM's log file to minimize the file's size. UM will automatically refresh the log file every 10th launch.
    # CHANGE: Delete Application dialog
    # CHANGE: Misc. Bitmaps.
    # CHANGE: Add applications to the Ignore List straight from the Applications view (no need to manually enter Creator IDs).
    # CHANGE: You can now remove single items from UM's log file using the Remove command (useful if you mistakenly group unrelated files under different applications).
    # CHANGE: Menu order (added a new Tools menu).
    # CHANGE: Misc. Code improvements.
    # CHANGE: Pop-ups are more convenient when the file name is longer than the maximum list width.
    # CHANGE: You are no longer required to soft-reset your device upon installation.
    # CHANGE: When quitting the Sandbox, you can now switch to the Launcher application and not the application that was running inside the Sandbox.
    # CHANGE: Improved compatibility with devices that have multiple expansion cards.
    # CHANGE: Changed/Added misc. warning alerts.
    # CHANGE: Other misc. changes and improvements.
    # Fix for a rare bug running the TRIAL version (only) on Treo 650 smartphones.
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    I have the latest version of Uninstall Manager 2.x installed and really like it. I did read the new improvements and features in 3, but I would like to hear what actual users think about this new version. How does it compare to version 2? Are we reinventing the wheel here, or is this really an improvement on a product that is already extremely good?

    My first impression, without trying a trial version of 3 is, I think that version 2 works great. Why would I need to upgrade?
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    I pretty much have the same opinion and have no desire to be a guinea pig and upgrade for the sake of upgrading.

    Though Northglide is a good developer, look what BlueNomad has done with BackupBuddy.
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    First impression: The GUI is very confuse and quiet ugly. You're obliged to use the stylus, wich is not the case with the 2.79 version.
    Conclusion: Just tested this new version and came back to 2.79 !!!
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    My old registration key isn't working. Is this not a free upgrade?
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    $6.95 upgrade fee until 01/17/06.
    [EDIT:] upgrade fee will increase to $11.81 Dec. 31, 2005.
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    I like the old version better, i see no reason to pay for an upgarde that should be free anyhow
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    I purchased this app a little over a month ago and now they say I have to pay for new version. I dont think so. This gets so disturbing when developers make you pay for an update on a app you just purchased. I will say the version I payed for works really well.
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    I agree with you QNelson, I bought this not to long ago (the whole NetFreak package actually) and i just got a response back from "Alon Braun" stating a small upgrade fee is required. Umm small is $3.95 not $17.95, that's a whole new freakin program, especially in the palm market. I have to say I'm now distressed with what I always thought was a good developer, seems like he's getting on the bandwagon a few others jumped on. Developers who ignore faithfull customers who actually bought the product are really going to shoot themselves in the foot. All it's going to do is push a few more people who would have bought the program to a cracked version...the keygen I might add is readily available for. Mr. Alon Braun, if by some blind luck you read in you should take note of... I know you need to make money, I'm not questioning that but remember your basic macroeconomics, this is not a supply-side economic goods, you need the demand....

    Edit, I see some people above state the upgrade is $6.95, the link sent to me by Alon Braun shows $17.95... even at the above price my above thoughts still hold....

    /Rant off
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    I really can't blame the developer for wanting to make some money. But they should at least offer people who have bought their software in the last 6 months (or something like that) to upgrade for free.

    I bought Card Export at the end of version 1.5 right before they upgraded to 2.x. That's what they did for me.
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    "The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York, and it meows in Los Angeles. The wireless is the same, only without the cat. " - Albert Einstein

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    I have found that there has been NO DIFFERENCE in the amount of data and number of files deleted by using the ZLauncher Trash Bin or Uninstall Manager.

    I find this app to be of no value.
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    I'm debating removing this application from my Treo.

    If we check the creator ID of the application we are deleting (using standard echniques), it is trivial to verify that all files and Saved Preferences entries with that creator ID is also removed (using FileZ or Resco Explorer). It adds a step to the delete process.. but no biggie for savvy users.
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    Can someone email me 2.79. I had only 2.70
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    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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    chattermail offers free lifetime updates!!
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    what about those files or saved/unsaved prefs with different creator IDs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTreoGuy
    Can someone email me 2.79. I had only 2.70
    download at
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    After a email to the developer of that I was disappointed having to pay for a upgrade, after just purchasing it, he came through with a free upgrade to the new version. Just thought I would let you guys know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    what about those files or saved/unsaved prefs with different creator IDs?
    Do applications install files and preferences setting with multiple/different creator ID's?

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    I know I don't post too much but I have to vouch for Alon Braun. I bought the NeatFreak pack plus on Nov 24 and then found out about the new version reading this post today. Obviously I was not happy until I email Alon Braun and explained my situation. He responded within 2 minutes with a new registration code for the 3.00 version absolutely free. I do agree with you guys though in that I have never have to pay for an upgrade with my Palm programs.
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    QNelson, how did you get the developer to give you the upgrade? I wrote to him three times and he's refused so far. I purchased my copy two weeks ago.
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