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    Does anyone know if there are keyboard protectors available for the Treo 650? I'd like to get a Sena LeatherSkin case or a Bellagio Open Face Leather case. I have screen protectors for my screen, so now I need something to keep me from wearing my keyboard keys and all the other buttons / keys on the front of my Treo 650.
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    Never seen such as thing.

    The closest you'll find is a case with a plastic overlay covering the keys. Many cases have this.
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    That's sad.

    I really want either the Sena or Bellagio cases, but from past exprience with other PDA's / cell phones, I'm gonna wear out my Treo 650's keys in a couple of months.
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    Anyone else seen some sort of keyboard protector for the Treo 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    That's sad.

    I really want either the Sena or Bellagio cases, but from past exprience with other PDA's / cell phones, I'm gonna wear out my Treo 650's keys in a couple of months.
    I agree with you. I bought a zcover a month ago. I am thinking of slicing out the keyboard section and sewing it to my krusell case. wish someone would make something like that. The thin silicone is perfect protection for the keyboard. don't like it for the WHOLE treo. I prefer thin leather.
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    Hmmm, since no one makes these apparently, maybe we should ask David / seidioseidio if he could get his company to make some silicon skin keyboard protectors for the Treo 650 that would cover the keyboard, the D-pad and the keys up there to the left and right of the D-pad. They could use ZCover's silicon skin case and BoxWave's FlexiSkin cases as examples since the ZCover case has a thin silicon pad / moulding over the keyboard and the BoxWave has a silicon pad over the D-pad and buttons to the left and right of the D-pad.

    ZCover keyboard cover:

    BoxWave D-pad cover:
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    :-) that's funny cuz I was just looking for this thread 2 days ago hoping a keyboard protector had been developed. hope seidio or another company considers this.
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    Yeah, I've emailed Seidio about this before and exchanged some messages with David from Seidio. They aren't going to make one for the Treo 650 because they say that it would require new equipment for them or something like that. Dunno why they can't make one, they seem to have come up with everything else others have asked for here on these boards.

    They did however say that they might make a keyboard protector for the 700W, but I don't get why they decided to tell me that. Doesn't help us 650 users.

    I may just buy the ZCover skin case and cut the bottom half (the half with the keyboard protector) off and use just that.
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    With my first 650, the paint on the 5-way started rubbing off fairly quickly and, eventually some of the other keys as well. When I got my replacement last October, i took the protective screen plastic that the 650 comes with (the with the tab to grip) and moved it down so it covered the nav keys and keyboard. It was a bit tacky on the one side so, by leaving just a slim bit of it touching the bottom screen, it fit pretty good inside of my Sena flip case w/ith the tab on the bottom helping to keep it in place in the case.

    It was not quite wide enought to cover 100% of the outside keys, but protected most of it pretty well. The plastic was just the right flexability and thickness. Took a while, but I finally found some plastic that it about the same, so I cut it to fit the opening of the Sena case and taped it to the inside. Works pretty well and I can replace it easily when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    I may just buy the ZCover skin case and cut the bottom half (the half with the keyboard protector) off and use just that.
    The ZCover does not cover the 5-way though and that was the worst area for me for paint rubbing off. Ive noticed the same thing on some other 650s as well.
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    Yeah, that's one thing missing from the ZCover. I don't understand why these companies just can't release a full keyboard, d-pad, application, phone answer and end button - cover. Apparently, Speck's Toughskin used to come with a full keyboard + d-pad cover, but they stopped shipping them out with those.
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    Ok, finally found something that works for me. Palm actually makes a silicon skin case for the 700W/P called the Flexi Skin Case. It's also one of the nicest silicon skin cases I have found. It's very, very thin compared to others, but very durable. It also has a thin layer that covers all the buttons on the front of the Treo (keyboard, 5-way, application buttons, etc.). I bought two. I kept one as is and the other, I just cut it in half so I would have a skin that covers just the keyboard, 5-way and app. buttons. It's thin enough that I can still slip my 700P into any other case that has an open face.

    The part that covers the 5-way and application buttons are molded / for fitted to the shape of those buttons. The part that goes over the keyboard is just a thin layer over the keyboard. It's not form fitted for each key. This works fine however as the keyboard is still as useable as it is w/o this cover.
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    Hey IsLNdbOi, do you know if your flexi case would fit for a 650? I know, in here: they say it is made for the 700p/w, but I am still asking, just in case...

    Thanks for the information!
    - Jeeman
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    from the looks of it, the 5way nav may give you issues on a 650 since the 5way is rectangular on the 700.
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    Yeah, Palm's Flexi case for the 700P/W will not fit properly on the 650 because the 650's 5-way, application buttons and volume / side button are not the same shape as the 700P/W's. Also, the cutouts for the camera and speaker are different.
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    Good find IsLNdbOi. That's the kind of case I've been wanting too. Unfortunately, I need a GSM phone so I can't switch to a 700 yet.

    FWIW I've tried skin cases from zCover, Seidio, Boxwave, and Smartphone Experts. I generally use the zCover unless I need to frequently remove the SD card. In those cases, I'll temporarily switch to the Seidio case.
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    Yeah, I've gone through ZCovers, Boxwave, Seidio, JavoEdge and Smartphone Experts as well. This Palm Flexi skin is the one I like the most, followed by the JavoEdge. The worst one for me was the Seidio "Premium" skin.

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