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    Are there any Treo 650 pouches that can hold a Treo 650 that's wearing a Bellagio Open Face Leather Case:

    I know Sena sells a bundle that comes with the tight leather skin + a pouch, but I've read that in the leather skin case, the thin leather bar that goes across below the screen makes it hard to use the up button on the D-pad and that it's hard to use the volume buttons.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I guess there aren't very many Bellagio fans here...
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    I dont know the dimensions for the bellagio, but check out what i did to use as a pouch for my Vaja T65
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    I have a pouch from grindergear, which went out of business. You can still buy it from ebay.
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    Thanks guys, but I want to know if there are pouches that can easily fit the Treo 650 inside a Bellagio Open Face Leather Case.

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