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    Everything coming from the speaker sounds like it's being played louder than it can handle. This includes ringtones and anything else I play on it. Is that normal?
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    Are you using VolumeCare?
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    I'm not, but I'll check it out. Thanks

    Edit: I hate to complain about this kind of thing, but what's up with people charging for every little program and utlity now? Not just charging, but charging a lot. I started using Palms back when pretty much everything was free and the occasional program that cost anything was a $5 shareware fee. Now people are getting all greedy and charging $15-40 for stuff. Same with OSX and PocketPC developers. It's like Linux and Windows are the last bastions of good, free software
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    Could be a blown out speaker, compare it to a friend's after a hard reset.

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