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    Does ANY mail app do spam filtering?.. I have a yahoo account and my own ISP account that I need to check, (and cannot change the addresses), but both receive a lot of junkmail and spam.

    I was annoyed while testing Snappermail that it went and dowloaded all 400+ messages that were in the junk folder on the Yahoo account, rather than just what was in the inbox.

    For the ISP account, there is filtering on the server-end, which tags the subject lines of the messages if spam is suspected. Is there any way of filtering those so they are deleted automatically, or, not downloaded in the first place?..

    I'm deciding between Chatter and Snapper, and this filtering will be the key to the way I go.
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    You really should get a better email host, preferably IMAP. If you had this, you could get all that filtering done at the server and simply not download the junk. POP3 has NO facility to filter ANYTHING before it comes to the Treo.

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    There is another alternative which is to use a provider like to filter your mail (~$30/year). You wouldn't need to change your current addresses but you would need a different email address for the filtered email to be sent. SpamCop is IMAP and supports PUSH pretty well. They are not perfect but it does work. I have been using them to filter my business email for a couple of years with wonderful results.
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    So, I take that to mean that there is no way to filter out junkmail in any of the Treo clients?..

    My ISP does offer the IMAP filtering, and I've changed the settings there, but how can I block the mail that is in the bulk folder in Yahoo from being downloaded?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by halabar
    So, I take that to mean that there is no way to filter out junkmail in any of the Treo clients?..
    There is one: use VersaMail.
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    Yahoo itself has an option to stop the bulk folder being downloaded when you use POP3 access rather than web access. The only problem would be that this applies to all POP3 access not just from your Treo.
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    With POP or IMAP, my domain host gives me a way to trap most spam at the server side with SpamAssassin, and I can direct it to a separate mailbox. I imagine other ISPs allow this also.


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