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    I use Agendus so I should let that stuff stay but what about:


    Messages Database.....4198K? What data base is this? can I delete it and just have it in Agendus?





    Also some Java stuff:

    J9 Java Launcher.......935k?

    J9 MIDP Bundle..........725k?

    J9 WebServices Secu 484k?

    What can go and what to keep???


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    Most of those files are residue from Docstogo. SheetToGo, WordToGo, WordToGoFonts for sure are. Messages Database are your sms messages, I would suggest leaving them alone if you want to keep them, I believe agendus shares this same database. The java stuff and DGraphConverter I havnt seen before and are not on my phone so unless you have 3rd party software that needs them they shouldnt be integral to the regular treo opperation.
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    Rather than delete the Docs to Go programs, just use their Tech Tool and move them to your SD card. This frees up about 4mb of internal memory but still allows you to use the programs if required. (They are used to open MSWord and MSExcel email attachments. . . . .)

    Cheers, Perry.

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