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    I am just curious. I was told that Asurion would take care of 650 GSM replacments. Has anyone had any experience with this at all? I am getting a new one sent to me. I just want to have a option or know what to do until the 700p comes out. Seems like these PDA phones don't really have any kind of support or insurance, from anyone.
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    I got insurance through T-Mobile. $5/month.
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    Sprint insures my CDMA version for $5 per month.
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    tmobile for 5.99 a month....
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    I actually bought mine through Newegg and got the three year extended warranty from them. Only $69 for three years, one time purchase.
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    T-mo insured via Asurion. Had to fight like hell to get my lost phone covered. I had to purchase from Palm Website and I am still waiting for claim check... I guess I should call tomorrow to see what is going on.

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