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    Hi guys,

    I have a Cingular Treo 650, yesterday out of the blue (didn't drop the phone or anything) i went to make a call, and the buttons didnt seem to be working.

    I did a soft reset (just hit the reset button) and then a hard reset (reset + end) and it seems that the buttons work, just not on the phone screen, for example when it boots up I can select the time zone with the buttons, I can also push a button to "wake it up" but then am unable to do anything else, the only way I can turn on the phone is by tapping "voicemail" then it asks for my SIM pin #, which I can't enter....

    Please Help!

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    Which buttons are you referring to?

    The dial pad screen phone buttons or the hardware buttons (the ones not on the screen.)
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    I think he is talking about the hardware buttons..
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    If you've done a hard reset (where you are asked if you want to erase all data) and they still won't work it's probably some sort of hardware failure. A hard reset restores the device to the default settings it had once it was ready to leave the factory.

    I'd call Palm for a warranty exchange.
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    Yea I did that, I guess that my confusion is this:

    The buttons seem to actually function, since I can wake it up and select the time zone before it hits the phone screen when booting, but then they stop responding when it hits the phone screen, like it's a software issue....
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    remove SIM card and do software reset again.
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    No dice sir, any other ideas?

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