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    Hi folks,

    Ok, call me crazy <chorus of "crazy" in background follows>, but I have never used backup software. I am contemplating upgrading my Cingular 1.13 FW, but have been hesitant to do so because of (1) if it ain't broke why fix it [things are going pretty well], and (2) what if I lost all my "stuff"? Too risky, right?

    Well, I'm contemplating upgrading to enjoy the better handset volume and memory management (although I've not been bothered terribly by either, but they could bear improvement). But it has me thinking about backup of my apps and data just in case it screws up. I know, I know, a PC computer screw up?!? (as a dedicated Mac user who suffers PC's only at work, I always expect and fear the worst from PC's, and I'm usually right, but I digress...).

    Now, I just assumed that every hotsync backs up everything. But if that were true, why does everyone talk about software like BackupMan, BackupBuddy, and the like? Makes me suspect that I'd better find out what's up with backing up before I risk upgrading.

    So can anyone answer my question, or direct me a pre-existing relevant answer, about backing up, particularly as regards FW upgrade? Thanks!

    -- (Dr.) Josh in Syracuse
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    You could always just use the hotsync back up. It backs everything up for you when you run the .exe
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    The major advantage to using a third party back up solution is the ability to back up and restore to and from a SD card. This way if you're away from your computer and have to hard reset or experience a crash you can restore your device without having to do a hot-sync.

    Third party back up programs also allow you to back up and restore individual data and program files. You can restore one data base at a time without having to do a full hot-sync.

    People also say hot-sync doesn't always restore everything. Sometimes passwords & preferences for third party apps are not restored. The third party back up programs take care of everything.

    I highly recommend using one.
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    The other big advantage is that if you ever have to replace your phone (600 for 600 or 650 for 650) all you have to do is place the SD card in the new phone and select restore and everything is placed on the new phone and you won't miss a beat.
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    Exactly but if he doesnt want the software he can use the hot sync although like lgreenberg said it doesnt back up everything.
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    You can generally get away with Hotsync, but it's not the same as using a dedicated backup app.

    As previously noted, one major advantage of a dedicated backup app is the ability to backup to SD. I happen to prefer Resco Backup (paid U.S. $6.99 for it).

    Many backup apps--like Resco Backup--can also perform unattended scheduled backups (mine is backed up at 2 AM each night).

    As I tinker a lot with my Treo, being able to restore while away from a computer is a must. Just yesterday, while waiting to meet someone, I decided to continue my quest to master DBCache Tool and Resco Locker. Before I did anything, I did a quick backup to SD (takes about a minute--for a full backup).

    Sure enough, one of the settings I changed had a rather adverse affect on my Treo. After several resets, I lost all my categories. Rather than re-categorizing everything--particularly when I wasn't sure if there was more to it--I merely restored from the backup. Presto, right back where I was beforehand. This all happened within about 10-minutes, and without the need for my PC.

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    I'm getting a favorable impression of inexpensive backup software like those mentioned above. So let's say I get one, backup everything to my SD card with its oooodles of extra memory, and then try the Cingular upgrade. As the 280 posts show, it is not a guarantee that the upgrader will work right. If it doesn't work right, I can just click restore, and presto, everything is back the way it was before? Including my functional but not perfect original Cingular FW 1.13?
    -- Josh
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    The phone's firmware is not backed up and can not be restored using one of the available third party back up solutions.

    You can use the back up program to restore all you third party applications, registration codes, settings etc. (these will be restored by the upgrade installer anyway) but that's it.

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