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    I use my Treo 650 with a BT hearphone for the phone and with a BT GPS receiver for the use with navigation software.
    When I use them singularly there are not problem.
    But why is it not possible to use them together as I do with my NOKIA 6630.
    With this last mobile is possible to connect it with the hearphone via BT and runnong tomtom it automatically connects with the receiver not stopping the connection with the hearphone. The big advantage is that you cen use the PDA as navigatore whereas you receive phone call and would be possible to answer and still continue to use the navigation issue.
    At the moment with the Treo it is possible only using the wired hearphone directly connected to the TREO. But having the BT it is a pity.
    Do not you think so?
    Thank for any reply.
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    I think the limitation is the version of BT the 650 has (v 1.1). My guess is your Nokia probably has 1.2. Not that this helps you but I'm sure this won't be an issue with the next gen Treo.

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