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    I used to connect to the internet via dialing into my (home) ISP via Blzer browser. Now when try to connect to a website it authenticates me onto my ISP then throws up the message that I need to purchase T-Zones ($4.99 a month) for these actions.

    Anybody got an explanation? I never had to have T-Zones before? Has something changed? Is there another browser I can use?


    BTW, my Snappermail connects with no problem.
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    Are you using a proxy server in Blazer?
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    Yes I am, should I be? If so do you know what it should be or where I find out about it. Thanks.
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    Thanks so much. Turned off the proxy and its working fine now.
  5. #5 I reading you logged into the web by dialing you isp's phone number? Is this actually possible? If so how are you doing it and how is your speed?

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    Very useful for FTP. T-Zones doesn't support the port used for FTP. Only seems to like email and normal web browsing (http).

    When I need to upload to my website I dial using the free account from Speed is not great, but the files I upload are under 25K and are usually done in a few seconds.

    With free long distance inherent to cell phone plans, this is a feasible solution.
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    All the folks on this forum are great !!! Got my TMobileWeb @ 5.99 and setup the proxy on my unlocked treo 650 ...waited for a confirmation message that it has been activated can browse and email etc ...WOW !!!!

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