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    Been having this for a while and pretty much narrowed it down. It seems that when Chatter is online (basically all day) and I begin using Handmark Express 2.0, Express stops updating after about 5-8 updates. When I restart my Treo, it works fine again for some more updates but stops again. When I do a restart and take Chatter offline, Express will update unlimited times. I know someone else with this same setup and it does the same thing. Using Verizon.

    Anyone else had this problem and if so, what provider?

    Marc, do you have any ideas about this?
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    That's interesting. I have Cingular as a provider (on the old AT&T network) and used to have a problem where Express would stop updating after a couple of updates (I also use Chatter -- and GoodLink, which means I really torture my poor Treo), but do not seem to have the problem anymore. I would tend to credit the new firmware update that we got a week ago, but I can't be sure.

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