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    So I accidentally put a .pdb fiel in my custom rom and flashed my hard drive... ANd it seems to either do the infinite loop or it loads up and is completely inoperable....

    What can i do to fix this it seems to not wanna boot off of my sd card..

    I really would like my treo back... please help

    Anythign would help even the simplest of things....
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    you will need to reflash. Use the official rom updater, as opposed to a custom rom. Do a warm reset (hold the UP button during a reset) to bypass the offending app. Then perform a normal update via hotsynch. Once it's complete and working correctly, then maybe you can try a custom rom again.
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    Really. Well it seems I have fixed it by just redoing my custom rom and reflashing. But the warm method helped me thank you.

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