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    I am experienceing an issue running TomTom 5.12. When I receive a phone call and answer it TomTom starts up again but doesn't immediately see my GlobalSat BT-338 bluetooth GPS receiver. It takes about 20-30 seconds and then the BT screen pops up asking me to select a BT device. Any ideas how to fix this?
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    Are you using a BT headset to answer the call?
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    No. Just answering the phone with the handset and talking with the handset or a wired headset. I even deleted my BT headset device just in case that was causing a conflict. It reconnects fine when using my wired HI-204S from Haicom.
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    When I receive or make a call as I have bluetooth enable all the time, it tries to connect to a BT headset/carkit first. even if there is not one in range.

    I personally use a wired GPS so that I am legal here in the UK when driving - calls automatically come through the BT car kit, & ttn 5.12 restarts whilst on the call.

    I have just tried my BT receiver and tried phoning the Treo 650 with ttn running. My receiver is a Tom Tom mk1 BT receiver. So, with ttb running, phone rings, I answer it and the ttn restarts. After approx. 40 seconds, it finds the gps device and my route is displayed.

    Have you set up your BT gps as a trusted device?
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    Yes, I have setup the BT GPS as a trusted device. After 40 seconds, does it automatically connect to the receiver, or do you need to select if from your list of BT devices like I have to?
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    Mine automatically reconnects.

    I only have two trusted devices, the Tom Tom receiver & my BT car kit.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201
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    I am unable to srt up my BT GPS (GlobasSat BT-338) as a trusted device. TomTom recognizes it fine, but the Treo's own Bluetooth set-up app does not. Any tips?
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    For my BT-338, I do the following:
    1. Turn the BT380 on
    2. Bluetooth>Setup Devices>Trusted Devices>Add Device and choose "Show: Nearby Devices".
    3. Choose then BT GPS, mine is "BT-GPS-3117AB"
    4. Done!
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    When I set mine up I have to input the pass key of '0000' on the Treo otherwise it won't pair.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201
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    I have a Treo BT Headset, TomTom Nav5 and iTrek M3 BT GPS. A few weeks ago after I bought all, the GPS always showed up as a trusted device. Now it won't show up anymore in the list of trusted devices or by doing a search for nearby devices (But my BT headset always shows up).
    But the ITrek M3 still works with the TomTom and the 650 even though it never shows up! It does seem to take longer to initally find the sat. though.
    Anyone know how to get it back in the list?
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    Does your 650 find the Itrek M3 after you receive a phone call while running TT5.12?

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