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    When I use my Treo650 with SharkMessage 1.4 loaded to call another Treo650 which refuses my call, my Treo pops up the send SMS dialogue box.

    Major bug surely?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkboy717
    hey! thanks very much to all of you for this wonderful feedback. SharkMsg wouldn't be anywhere close to where it is now without you

    >1. The current AutoSMS function does not work for me when I select mobile#s only [my phone numbers are in the following format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx]. Is it because of the >parentheses? Can you allow some variability in the algorithm to allow for such minor differences, as many of us may have variations on the xxx-xxx-xxxx theme.<

    Yeah. about that... would you mind posting a few samples of the formats you have numbers stored in. i have to deal with parentheses, spaces, dashes, and +s so far.
    Tyler, here are th epossible stored phone # variations I have seen in use:

    456-7890 (no area code listed)

    I know I use more than one of these in my Treo.
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    Other number variations:

    (123) 456-7890
    123 456-7890
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    This version still pops up the message screen when I end a call. This is very annoying. Also I would like to see the "send sms" option in the missed call screen. Great program though. Thanks for the continuing development.
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    hi! what phone are you using? 600/650 CDMA/GSM?

    regards, tyler
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    when can we expect 1.41?
    Former Treo 650 user
    now happy HTC TyTn owner
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    have the bugs been fixed yet in v1.4? Thanks!
    Cingular 680
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    hi! my plan is to get it done this weekend! cheers, tyler
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    well if you were talking to me I'm using a Verizon 650 flashed the most recent updater
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    wanted to let everyone know i haven't forgotten about Sharkmsg at all! I'm working really hard right now on basically getting rid of the buggy Auto feature and then we'll be able to roll with v1.41. i need a few CDMA testers (verizon/sprint since i only have a GSM unlocked and there are different notifications and apis). please shoot me an email if you'd like to try it out: tyler.faux<at>
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    First, I want to thank you for creating a great app and sharing it with all of us Treo users. After using it for a few days I thought of an option that would be really useful to me, and hopefully other users as well. What about an option on the AutoSMS Prefs to set a different message for certain Contacts categories?

    For example, callers from the Business category would receive a SMS that you set for Contacts from the Business category, but a caller who is from your Family category would receive a different SMS. Maybe it could base the categories on the categories that you create in Contacts.

    I don't know if it's even possible, but I don't necessarily want a business contact to receive the same SMS that I want my friends to receive. I know I can do this in Manual mode, but it would be cool for the Auto mode to be more configurable. Just a thought, and thanks again.
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    hey! that's an awesome idea! i'm just rewriting the whole address book code and handling procedures to optimize accuracy etc... but for the next version i will certainly add a contact category option!

    cheers, tyler
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    Most awesome app. One question - does the Auto SMS function in 1.4 work on its own, without user intervention? Meaning - my phone sits there, call comes in, I do nothing, Missed Call shows, and the Auto SMS is sent? With me having to do nothing?

    if that's how it works, that's awesome. I can have a 'I'm in a meeting' SMS just fly out on its own, and I can pretend to be engaged in the meeting, without having to take out my device. Let me know, either Tyler or anyone else who knows this. Thanks.
    I've interst to SMS aplication, but have problem with my Treo650:
    after downloaded JAVA(TM)HQ in my Treo..any standard aplication as Demos, Games switch off my phone..Could you advice what is happened?
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    Tyler -

    Any update on the next version of SharkMsg that will address the issues raised in this thread? BTW, great product.
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    hey! thanks! absolutely, i haven't slowed development at all i've hit a majolr stumbling point in this PalmOne SDK and am working to resolve it right now. I will have it out as soon as i possibly can (without releasing it prematurely and having it crash your Treo!)

    cheers, tyler
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    okay, the problem has been fixed, and all is working well. quality testing tonight and hopefully a release tonight or tomorrow

    cheers, tyler
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    Good to hear
    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

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    It's ready to go folks!

    v1.45 has a lot of great new stuff under the hood for dealing with AutoSMS. As I mention in the post, it sets the foundation for future improvements and really awesome features, but doesn't add too much itself. Thanks again for your support! I've said it before, but SharkMsg is definitely the most fun i've ever had programming

    cheers, tyler
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    when using the auto send feature in 1.45 the message is sent and recieved but, why does my keyguard then say locking keyboard and touchscreen (whil it says this i cant do anything) then screen goes blank and two presses of the on screen button r required to wake treo? just wondering. other than that so far so good
    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    hi! would you mind sending me over your log file? (Menu->Log). also, any other details surrounding the incident would be very much appreciated!

    thanks! regards, tyler
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