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    hey guys, i am new here, i didnt see any threads related to this:

    is there a way to dial the treo using a computer program? im looking along the lines of motorola's mobile tools, where you get a dialpad on your computer and you can dial and what not and talk all using bluetooth and not you phone

    the reason i want to do this is becuase i want to build a carputer and have bluetooth dialing via it instead of getting a seperate bluetooth module for my car.

    any help is appreciated. thanks
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    any help guys? i saw the mdesk and the pdareach, but they dont let you use the computers mic and speakers when calling. is there anything that does this? thanks guys
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    I'think is not possible, w/o a specific software installed in the treo sw.

    Usually in the working BT cellphones this is possible because the standard BT stack with all BT services offered at the same time.

    The treo, instead, offer only a single BT service. So you can use DUN OR OBEX OR SERIAL EMULATION, but not at the same time.

    The serial emulation is enabled only when hotsynking via BT, and you neeed it to dial numbers via BT.

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