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    As someone who is ingnorant about most Technologies I have a question for you guys savvy at the Treo. Here is my problem. My company gave me both a Treo 650 and the new HP 6515. I prefer the look, feel, speed, and graphic quality of the Treo. My problem is that I use the Internet alot. On the HP the internet looks exactly like the Internet on a home computer. The webpages look the same (but smaller). On the Treo, my internet is a funky squashed reformatted junky and clunky Internet. The graphic layout of the webpages is confusing as hell with few if any pictures - it is just a stream of ill placed text for the most part.

    I was told there is a third party app to download to make the Treo internet look like the "real internet." Is the HP device just a better device? I'd hate to believe that, but the internet on the Treo seems like a HUGE flaw if there is no way to fix it.

    Does anybody know why this is the case with the Treo? And what program can I download to fix this? PLEASE HELP!
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    In Blazer (the web browser that is launched when you tap on "Web"), press the menu button, tap Options, select "wide page mode". Or tap the small icon to the left of the globe in the top toolbar in Blazer. Switch to the "Wide Mode" over there.

    This will disable the reformatting of web pages. You'll have to scroll to the left/right and up/down to see the full page.
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    I tried the "wide screen" thing, but it just makes the crappy web page bigger. It doesn't make it look like the Internet. Do I have to restart the device of something. If you look at the Internet on your Treop and then click the "wide page" option, it really does nothing. When I type in yahoo, it doesn't bring up all the adds pictures, etc. - like the HP device and like the real internet.
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    Who is your provider? Is blazer going through a proxy server that is reformating pages?

    Try taking a screenshot and show us what you are seeing. Search for SNAP to take screen shots.
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    I tend to think that what we have here is a case of someone who is comparing the experience of navigating a relative few WAP-optimized pages and websites on an HP with sending Blazer out into whole world of non-optimized pages and then comparing the two experiences. I have used both Windows Mobile and Palm browsers and never found one that consistently rendered web pages in 800x600 format. The HP unit has a significantly larger screen than the T650 which provides a broader canvas to redraw certain sites on, so in that respect the HP/Windows PDA could "seem" to render pages better, but that has more to do with hardware than software. My advice to T650 users who need to gather specific information off the web on a regular basis is to learn which sites provide needed information in a specially rendered PDA format.

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