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    Hey all,

    I'm still searching the Search function, but in the meantime I thought I'd ask for some help here.

    After doing the latest Cingular upgrade (1.17), I've lost the ability to SEND text messages. I still get them just find -- I simply can't reply to them, or initiate one.

    I get the following message in red:

    "Unable to communicate with the network."

    Again, everything else is working just fine (email, voicemail -- everything). And I didn't change any settings before or after the upgrade.

    I imagine this is something easily remedied, but I have no idea how to remedy it right now.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


    ***EDIT***: I spoke with a Cingular rep on the phone just now. I'm assuming it was a result of the updated software, but there was no number under "Message Center Number" in the Network Config panel under messaging preferences. I had to enter the number they gave me to put in there, then make a call to 611 to get reconnected to a tower. All is well now! Maybe someone else can use this advice.
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    A few weeks ago I suddenly couldn't send messages, but I have my message prefs set to Manual so I can force the default network mode for MMS rather than it using whatever is default in the Network prefs..

    Anyway, had to set it to automatic, send an MMS, then set it back to manual. I didn't write down the info, but pretty sure both numbers changed. Go figure.
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    Same issue with me, after the update (just didn't realize it because I could receive SMS just fine, but didn't try sending until today).

    Same story, called Cingular and they had me enter a number into the Message Center Number. Didn't work at first, but then powered my phone off and on, and that did it.
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