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    I had stripped out Hot Sync Manager and replaced it with Missing Sync because of conduit issues with Entourage. I am about to upgrade the firmware to 1.17-CNG.

    Will the firmware upgrading process recognize and use Missing Sync transparently or should I uninstall it and re-install Hot Sync Manager temporarily for the upgrade?



    T650/Powerbook G4/OS 10.3.9
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    if you have a memory card, you can put the firmware upgrade on it. Hard reset, copy the upgrade to the device, run the upgrade, hotsync again, have it recognize your device, and voila! This keeps you from having to create two users just so you can copoy the firmare to the treo.
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    Yes, missing sync will work with the firmware upgrade. Same as hotsync manager, you can create, edit, or delete users. But like MarcD stated, I did the 2nd user process on the first firmware upgrade, but on my most recent upgrade, I just did a backup of my 650 on my card, copied the firmware to the card, hard reset, ran the firmware, then restored the backup.
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    Yes, Missing Sync does work ... just be very careful of your synchronization settings with Entourage before each sync... think it through what you're about to do and adjust the conduit settings appropriately.

    JIC (just in case) have BackUpMan (or some such installed) and make a copy of all your software to your SD card before you start the process...but take thae card out beforehand.

    Good luck


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