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    My Treo is almost full. I purged my calander and tasks but I only have 20% left. I have CleanUp but I'm worried I may delete a file I need. Does anyone know where I can find a list of file I can't delete?
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    The best way to clean up your Treo (I do this at least 2 times a year) is to hard reset and then install your apps manually.

    1. Rename your /Palm/<username>/Backup folder (to, say, backupold)
    2. Hard reset your Treo
    3. Hotsync (this'll load your PIM data, but no 3rd party software)
    4. Install only those apps (from backupold) that you intend to use
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    As a side note (I'm talking about external memory cards): I formatted my 512MB SD card recently and some how gained 5MB when I re-installed all the files from the backup I made on my desktop.

    I assume there was some type of junk that I couldn't view from my Treo on the card.
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