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    I plan to buy an Xbox 360 system (whenever it's available), and wondering if there is a way to connect my Treo 650 to an Xbox 360 to play music and maybe videos? The Xbox 360 has USB ports, wondering if it would recognize a Treo 650 when plugged in and play mp3 and vids? It supposedly plays music from an Apple Ipod thru the USB port. Could there be a download thru Xbox Live to support the Treo 650? Thanks.
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    lol that's a first, i would of never thought of that...wonder if it is possible anyways
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    Wait!! Even better. You're thinking backwards. I would want to connect them so I can use my Treo as a display. How kick azz would that be? Imagine the friends I'll make when I pull my Treo and xbox360 from my pocket and start playing Halo! I'll get laid every night!!1One!11!!!

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    I'll get laid every night!!
    With a face like that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalfx
    I'm not sure about the 360, but I have a modded (original) xbox that serves as my digital entertainment center in my den. I have dozens of movies, games, and mp3s loaded on it, along with a good 5.1 PC system.

    MS missed the boat on offering a "Media Center Edition" of the xbox and modders took it upon themselves to correct that. Maybe MS is correcting the oversight on the 360?
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    I guess if you use card export it should work since it will show up as a usb flash device. The xbox 360 would then probe the directories looking for media content. On my xbox, I can plug in a old crappy 64MB SD card into my treo, run card export and format the sd card as a xbox memrory card. LOL then take savegames to my friends place.
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    Tried my 650 on my 360 and it did not recognize it at all. I just use a 20 gig portable HD for my MP3's on mine or my IPod

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