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    I've had my phone for a couple of weeks now and have never been able to Hotsync using the button on the cable. I always have to start it up "manually" through the phone or the desktop computer.

    Any ideas?
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    Do you have the hotsync manager running at the time? Check your system tray on your pc and see if the little hotsync manager icon is there. When this guy is not active, you will probably get the message on your Treo saying "Connecting with desktop..." but it never connects. If that's the case, start hotsync mgr on your pc and try again. Of course, this would only explain why you can still start it from the desktop, not from the phone. If you don't get any message at all when you use the button, I would guess you may have a faulty cable.
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    I find I have to start Palm Desktop to get my button to work properly.
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    Palm desktop is always up and the hotsync manager is on in the tray.
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    I believe Palm Desktop should be closed before attempting Hotsync (but the HotSync manager should be resident, its icon in the program tray).
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