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    I have set up my Treo 650 and want to get an SD card. How much room does one need for mp3's (per mp3), photos, and maybe a chess game? How much room do apps such as documents to go use?

    Is a 512 mb card enough, or should I get a 1GB card?
    Does card speed matter much on the palm?
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    A 1GB gives you the best price/performance. I have a 2GB card and can easily fill it with music. An average 3 minute song takes 3MB.
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    I am a 1 Gig man myself, but I um itching for a 2 gigger!
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    I've been using a 1GB and that's been perfect. I'll be getting the TomTom GPS software soon, however, and will need a 2GB card so I can store all the maps I need along with the other junk I already have on the 1GB.

    I guess you need to figure out what you'll store on the card. Unless you'll need a lot of mp3's and maps, a 1GB should work fine.

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