Provider: Verizon
Phone: Treo 650
Version: Tre650-1.04-VZW

App: VersaMail
Version: 3.1 (A) (though it doesnt say A)

I have about 12 Treo 650 phones using versamail to synch e-mail via exchange 2003 activesynch. All of these phones are able to synch e-mail fine but while they receive no errors, the phones do not synch the calendar. The versamail accounts were setup on the phones and are only hotsynched for backup purposes. I've searched for quite awhile now and found a plethera of articles about this on different vendors but I haven't found an answer yet. I have a support call open with MS and they mentioned that I need to be mon 3.1B of versamail. From what I've found, that is only for Sprint customers and I can't download it for my phones (havent been able to find it). Anyone have any ideas?