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    I've been running software 1.28 and firmware 1.31 for a while and just upgraded to 1.51. However I kept finding that I would get continuous out of memory errors with Blazer and I could NEVER get TomTom and Goodlink to run at the same time.

    Well an hour ago, I decided to go with the 1.14 Stripped Down ROM (with calculator). Once I reflashed, I upgraded the firmware to 1.51 because 1.14/1.43 gave me lots of echos last time I tried it. This new firmware 1.51 fixes that.

    So I run Goodlink, then switch to TomTom...NO ISSUES! Then I switch back to Goodlink and back and forth and back and forth 3 or more times. No RESET required and I keep checking DB Cache tool to see if Cache is being released and it is.

    One more Test. While Goodlink is running, (with about 6megs of cache FREE), I run Backupman to do a backup. Previously, every time I used Backupman I had to reset before AND after (actually Profilecare did it).

    It backs up NO Problem and the cache has been FREED! WOW! Back to Goodlink, open TomTom, Blazer, then check cache - over 7 megs FREE!

    I think the only way I'll ever need to reset is if I want Goodlink to release the cache completely.

    1 last test. Goodlink running, PocketTunes playing Music from SD in the background (2gig UltraII). tried to run TomTom, not enough memory. Oh well, no biggy.

    Awesome....Looking forward to the 1.20/1.71 official unlocked GSM update.

    Now if only we could slap 64-128mb RAM in there and it'd be perfect.
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    Interesting...I've never really had an issue running TT and Good together with the Standard Cingular Firmware....I can run Goodlink, TT and PTunes together most of the time...although I have better luck with Goodlink, TT and Real (although that really streches my dbcache and I get the occassional reset) does PTunes work for you with just TT. I get alot of skipping (more than with TT and Real...I was hoping to use Ptunes for WMA support (I currently have the basic version)...Assuming you have the Deluxe version Do you notice any better performance (less skipping) when playing WMA (vs MP3) when you are driving with TT.

    If so, I'll pay the $20 to upgrade, but I'd like to know that WMA is at least as good (or better0
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    I don't use WMA, only MP3 and streaming audio. The upgrade is worth it just for the streaming audio alone. I think skipping has more to do with the speed of your card.

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