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    I am purchasing a GPS system for Christmas. I've heard loud and clear to avoid the Palm version because of the older chipset.

    Is there any resellser out there that has a budled kit that inludes an SD card? (Or do I also need to budget for a sepatate card for my GPS?).

    Thanks for any feedback. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Mapopolis has a NAVCARD all you would need is a GPS antenna. Or the TT 5.12 bundles from Seidio or TreoCentral. You would still need an SD Card, but there are a lot of deals right now on those as well
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    With the variety of deals out there on Tomtom kits as well as SD cards, you may be better off getting them separately -- that way, you can get the SD card size that best fits your needs.

    I recently picked up the Tomtom Navigator 5 Bluetooth kit (gps antenna, software, car adapter) on Amazon for $233, and use it with the 1 GB SD card I already had. I bought my SD card at Sam's a while back, but there are 1GB SD cards available at similar pricing (less than $60) at various online outlets.
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    I agree that it's probably best to just get an SD separately. You don't need a 1GB card if you want to keep the price down. There are lots of after Thanksgiving deals on cards of various sizes. Just get the best deal you can on the GPS system and then buy the largest SD card that fits your budget...
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    thanks everyone for the advise! I actually saw a Kingston Elite 1 GB card for $39 today, so that's probably what I'll do.

    Thanks again.

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