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    Hi, everyone! I was just wondering which software tools you like to use to keep track of your finances, including accounts, credit cards, cash, etc. These programs could be shareware or freeware - I'd just like to know what's out there. I'm new to the PDA world, so any information you can offer would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!


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    there are many threads on this topic, just do a search on expense tracker. i'll add my 2c anyway tho':

    i use alltime from for all of my receipts and freelance hours and stuff,

    and mycheckbook available at for well, my checkbook.

    i know alot of people like pocket quicken and pocket money.

    those are expensive, tho' i think. mycheckbook is free, and the support is great. alltime costs $ but it covers my needs completely, so i'm glad to pay for and use it.

    i have remapped 2 of my hardware buttons to these apps i use them so frequently.
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    i use quicksheet templates for everything. can't beat quicksheet. that way it syncs with excel on my desktop, too.
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    [i]and mycheckbook available at for well, my checkbook.
    i just checked palmgear and did a search for

    my check book
    my checkbook

    and came up nil on all of them. do you have an url right to the developer? maybe from the help/about screen?


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    sorry chicken...

    get it at

    make sure to get version 5.3 or above as previous versions have compatibility problems with the handspring backup module.

    i really love this app, by the way... it handles multiple accounts, keeps a list of frequently used payees, supports quick transfers between accounts... and more.

    (i'm not affiliated with thequickster in any way. just pleased with the app, and with the customer support i've received from the developer himself)

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    I have tried quite a few expense software apps and here are my favorites:

    QuikBudget (budget program)
    BankBook (bank account tracking)
    AllMoney (bank account, credit card, cash tracking)
    Smart Card (credit card tracking)

    For an all encompassing program, AllMoney is probably my favorite, but I really like the way BankBook is set up for my checking account register.

    Hope this helps.

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    I love AllMoney by Iambic ( QuikBudget is an excellent Budget program.
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    I use QMate because it is easy to sync to my desktop Quicken
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    It all depends on your needs.
    I chose Ultrasoft Money Pocket Edition because I value easy-of-use and its compatibility w/ a major personal finance program (Microsoft Money 2001). It ain't free but it is a good value.


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    Thanks so much everybody! I appreciate your responses. Unfortunately, I can't take advantage of your advice yet because Amazon and UPS have LOST my vdx. Grrrr. Hopefully, I will soon have a Visor with which to actually try some of these programs. Thanks again.


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