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    I recently picked up a 1700 mAh replacement battery for my Treo 600 off eBay. However the performance is lacking.

    When my Treo 600 GSM was brand new, I'd get almost 3 days out of a battery charge. At the end of day one I'd be down to 75% or so. Battery life has gotten progressively worse of the year and a half I've owned my Treo. Up until recently, I could only get 6-7 hours out of a 100% charge. So I looked to eBay for a replacement.

    Bought a 1700 mAh replacement from a Canadian eBay seller. So far, almost a week and I use 80% of my battery life for about 20 hours. Still a far cry from the OEM battery? Is this normal?

    (On a side note, my initial foray into the tin foil buzzing fix did not really fix my problem. Since I was replacing the battery, I decided to re-wrap my battery wire with even more tin foil. This seems to have done the trick, the buzzing is all but gone now. I think you need quite a bit of tin foil).
    Treo 600 GSM
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    I replaced my battery about 4 months ago. The performance is so much better, it's hard to figure out if it suffers compared to when it was brand new.
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    Same here as above. When I replaced mine, the phone worked so much better and the battery life was dramatically improved. However, I can't say whether or not its just as good as new - but it's close.

    Have no other factors changed? Maybe your use of the phone involves more internet usage than it did? I dunno. One small thing that can lead to power drain is signal strength. If your daily commute involves a period of "network search" where it didn't before.... that can hurt your battery.
    But those are just shots in the dark.

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