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    Is there a way to turn off the backlight of a treo 650 when a call or text message (even though its suppressed) is received.

    example. even though i cut my ringer or vibrate off, the backlight will still come on. Im trying to find an application that will turn it off during an imcoming call or a text message, thanks!
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    There is no way to turn the screen off when certain events happen, such as incoming calls or SMS.
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    Not to bring up an old thread, but I have a buddy who wants to get the Treo 650, and he wants to do just this.

    Doesn't Profilecare solve this problem if you can program it when and how the keyboard/backlights come on?

    If not is there another app that will do this?
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    Turn the phone (radio) off?
    Or turn the backlight all the way down to zero?

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