I want ActiveSync on my Treo-- I use Chatter for push mail, but really need Calendar synch. (It appears that NexChange is unavailable right now, but I don't need push-synch for Calendar, so I can use VersaMail for the time being).

I was about to sign on with an Exchange host called ETGroup. They were responsive and knowledgeable, and even set up a test account for me. But when I synched the Calendar, every appointment on my Treo had a CST time equivalent next to it! It turns out that they're based in Texas, as are their servers. They couldn't change this on their server end, and there aren't any setting on the T650 to override this- all my settings are EST by default. It's evidently a Palm OS bug.

So I'd like a reasonably-priced Eastern host that has a good IMAP implementation for Chatter.