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    Treo 650 Sprint model.

    I am able to goto a certain server with Blazer by going to this URL:
    The above url works fine to access customer access on that server.

    To access employee access, I have to browse to a specific port. Does Blazer do that differently or will I need to use a different browser? Anyone make this type of URL work?

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Just a bump to the top. No one views secure sites using a port in the URL with their Treo650?
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    I don't think it works through Sprint's proxy server. I think I remember trying this when i was on Sprint. I also think you can disable the proxy on sprint Treo's (in Blazer), but as I am now on Cingular, I can't test that for you. You could always try xiino demo to see if that works for you. Good luck.
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    I will try disabling the proxy first - should I change it to use no proxy then?

    <edit> The advanced settings house the proxy settings - and my 'use proxy' checkbox was already unchecked. I will attempt to try the xiino avenue. </edit>


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