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    I sync my 650 and 600 to outlook. The handhelds have different user names. I use the 600 as a back up. Everything worked fine until I upgraded my pc. Now the 600 syncs ok, however the 650 will not sync treo pictures. The confusing thing is that both have sync treo pictures set up exactly the same in the hot sync profiles.

    The hot sync log file shows the 600 syncing ok but nothing happening for the 650.

    I have tried reloading the software,checking foleder locations etc.

    Any ideas?
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    OK - found a solution. The 650 needs the media conduit to copy pictures to my docs/my pictures.

    Loaded 650 sync software (which I do not like) over top of 600 software to get conduits . Then removed 650 software and 600 software and then reloaded 600 software. Media conduit is kept (but not versa mail). No idea why this works but it does. Syncing all fine now.

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