I have used palms for years and this is driving me nuts on the 650.

I typically have a few items on the calender on a day that have "no time" and I do not mind being alerted to. I of course also have other meetings scheduled with times. Point is, those with no time are out there all day till you clear.

Now my question is this. Is the timing and repeat of the actual video display on the screen different than the Calendar>tones>play sound/repeat alarm every X minutes???

So first time an alert hits, I get the display and the video. If I do nothing, the alarm sounds again after x minutes?

If I hit clear, everything goes away.

If I hit snooze.....then what happens???? This is where it seems inconsistent. Sometimes it snoozes for a long time, others I get a display a few minutes later.

Sometimes I seem to get an audible alert, other times not.

I run Phone technician and volumecare but do not think either of these does anything with the timing here. I am not using Volumecare to play SMS alarm sounds either.

This seems like a silly question from a long-time user, but I just cannot get the Treo to behave like I am used to.