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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogfart
    Thanks TJ for your response.

    I haven't changed my opinion, I still think my Treo is unstable... and this is my second.

    I' m waiting the 3rd, but I'm afraid, we are to wait the 5th to get a decent device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogfart
    I've never experienced such an unstable OS before. Well, maybe Windows 3.11. Iím a power user and hell, the damn thing just doesnít hold up. Donít get me wrong, I think it has potential and itís a fun tool, but itís far from stable.
    I was originally a Treo 600 owner, and was absolutely in love with the device. It was stable, useful and the hardware close to bullet-proof. I upgraded to the 650 about 5 months ago (Unlocked GSM) which was not an inexpensive venture. I have been completely dissatisfied with it. I believe that the problem exists more in the hardware than the software, but it could be either I'm sure. My orignal 650 locked up frequently. I worked with Palm trying to resolve the issues until it became apparent that all the help I would get was running through a troubleshooting script with someone in an Indian call center. A few weeks ago (fortunately) the screen on my 650 died. I paid $25 for an "Advanced Exchange" from Palm. When my replacement arrived, it was DoA. It would boot, but as soon as you touched the screen it would reboot. It would not function at all. Several phone-calls later another advanced exchange was on its way. It arrived yesterday and much to my delight it seemed to work. This morning (much to my disappointment) I found that it will not charge (there is a busted pin on the battery connection). It is worth noting that when you get a dead Treo swapped out under warranty, you are receiving a reconditioned unit as a replacement. It would appear that whoever handles their repair/rebuild does NOT do a thorough job testing product before it goes out the door.

    I acknowledge that part of my issue here is with Palm customer service, but the original problem existed with a "working" Treo 650 which functioned "normally" according to Palm tech support. Their idea of normal is any reasonable persons idea of unstable at best. I have two buddies that have upgraded to the Treo 650 (one GSM like mine, the other not) and they have the exact problems which I had with my original (most center around lockups during Versamail use and general instability of the device requiring frequent resets).

    I am, all in all, very unhappy with Palm, and instead of customer service abating that feeling, they're reinforcing it. I will not buy another Palm device. What is my recourse in all of this? None really. Keep calling the call-center in India and getting replacements until I get lucky enough to get one that actually works. Once I do, I'm selling my 650 and buying something else...something that work, and I'm never looking back.
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    On that thought, does anyone have a customer service contact here in the states (someone you can call to plead you case without getting an outside call center in India)?
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    Hahaha, it's incredible, I live in Italy and I have to call Iereland to get "support", You live in US and has to call India.

    Irish and Indian users where can get support ? In Australia and Siberia ?

    The European repair center is in Czech Repubblic.

    I think palm use all his money to pay FedEx or UPS, and they don't have money to build some good devices and to repair the broken ones.
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