I have a Treo 650 (VZN CDMA - 1.04). I use Wireless Sync as a push e-mail solution for my work exchange mail server (I use the wireless sync 'redirector' like client on my windows XP desktop)

I recently had to do a clean OS install, and subsequently a re-install of Wireless Sync (approx two weeks back). I am now, for the first time seeing the following behavior with my e-mail...

Approx 16 messages that were once deleted show back up in my inbox, some only one instance, but others are coming back with one or more duplicates.. this has happened consistently over the past few days, and I never thought Wireless Sync was to blame, until this afternoon. I recently began having problems with my Treo locking up after sitting idle for 10-20 minutes.. so today, in one of my attempts to troubleshoot and eliminate variables, I turned off Wireless Sync at my desktop.. a short time later I got one of those wireless sync email messages that you usually don't see - as they appear in your inbox and then get deleted on their own (status or issue type message..I would page one in but they are gone..). At the same time these came in just now, all the deleted messages that keep showing up again, were "delivered" to my inbox again..

This is the only real connection I can make to Wireless Sync.. but it is the 1st time I have been able to associate these reappearing dupes with anything..

Has anyone seen this or experienced this?